We are very excited to announce the initial open-beta of Trac's redesigned admin user interface (UI), available for you to try out from today on our new dedicated training environment.

We showed off some early prototypes at our User Group last year and now we're ready for you to try it out for yourselves!

Why change?

  • Studies show that subconsciously, a polished visual design will give users more trust in the system, helping them to learn and work the system more efficiently and trust the information it presents.
  • It allows us to put an improved technology platform in place for future improvements to the admin and applicant system.
  • To allow Trac to work better on a variety of screen sizes.

The training environment is essentially a second copy of Trac which you can use for your own in-house staff training. We will also use it to preview new features ahead of their release, giving you the opportunity to experiment with them and to update your own documentation and workflows.

Following the release of the new UI the training environment will continue to be available. We welcome any feedback about the new designs, and have created a new category on the Super User Forum: "Admin User Interface & User Experience".


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