During 2015 we increased the number of organisations using Trac from 35 to 60. However 2016 looks set to be even busier with six Trusts going live this month and another 20 organisations already confirmed as wanting to start in the coming months.

Usage of the Trac system is not consistent across the UK as news about the value it adds to the recruitment process has been spreading mainly by "word of mouth" from organisation to organisation. Sometimes this happens when staff move between employers, other times when ideas and good practice is shared at regional groups such as the NHS streamlining meetings.

The system has been well used, for a number of years, in London, the South East and parts of the East of England. During 2015 the first user organisations went live in South West England, Yorkshire and the East Midlands, and the whole of NHS Wales is confirmed as moving across to Trac in April 2016. We’ve already had meetings this year in the North East of England and the West Midlands so hope to see Trusts in these areas going live later this year.


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