Many employers using Trac have pledged support to the Step into Health programme and also signed the Armed Forces Covenant.

The Step into Health programme is available to all NHS organisations and allows employers to work with the armed forces community to provide career and development opportunities within the NHS. To get a 'Veterans perspective', Gemma Wright (Armed Forces Programme Lead, NHSE) & Leigh Harrison (Senior Organisational Learning Consultant, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust) put on a breakout session at our 2019 user group where we discussed:

  • What is Step into Health?
  • Who are the Armed Forces community?
  • What are they looking for?
  • How to connect?
  • Routes to engage & overcoming challenges?
  • Understanding the military talent pool?

In November 2019, functionality was released enabling employers to better manage their recruitment by identifying members of the armed forces community who have applied for roles within their organisation. Employers are now able to decide whether or not they wish to ask applicants if they are members of the armed forces community on their application forms via a new department setting. If an applicant answers "Yes" to the armed forces question, a new priority icon is displayed to identify them as an armed forces community member.

Armed forces icon

This icon is present in a number of places when managing applications:

  1. Within applications lists.
  2. As part of the details shown when an admin user clicks to view an application.
  3. To Appointing Managers and Lead Shortlisters once the application reaches the "Shortlisting:Evaluate" stage and selections are being made for interview.

If you need any assistance enabling the Armed Forces identifier in Trac, please contact your support team who will support you through the process and refer you to more detailed user guide pages.


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