This page contains a list of frequently asked questions for new users

What is Trac Systems?

Trac Systems provide an online software, Trac, that can facilitate your recruitment process. From posting a new vacancy, all the way to booking an applicant's induction courses and start date.

With Trac your work is made clearer and easier. You can manage your adverts, candidates, pre-employment checks and workload more efficiently helping you to achieve your targets.

Why choose Trac?

Our tailor made system and dedication to providing the best service possible is what makes us stand out from the rest. With years of experience combined with consistent, on-going development our Trac System can be the resource for all your needs. We are devoted to the service we provide and take pride in the fact that every client that has signed up to Trac is still using the system to this day.

How long does it take to implement the system?

Our Training Team will personally guide you through the process of incorporating Trac at your organisation, which includes full training and on-going support. Typically 8 weeks from the initial start up meeting you could be using Trac to create vacancies, contact applicants and complete your employment checks.

What facilities do we need before we can use Trac?

As our system is all online, all you will need are computers with internet access.

Where will my vacancies be advertised?

Trac can export your vacancies to such sites as LinkedIn and to maximise the vacancy exposure. We also add a jobs board to your organisation's website as well as publishing your vacancies on our national brands.

What amount of support is provided?

We offer all our clients general system support. If you ever have a question we have a friendly team of staff that are more than willing to offer a helping hand via telephone or email.

You also have the option to opt in for our Recruitment Outsourcing service. In which case you will have a team of our staff managing your online workload and liaising with your applicants on your behalf.

What training is provided?

When first implementing the system we have a team of specialist trainers that will work on-site providing your team with the skills to operate Trac to it's full potential so you can get the most from our system.

We also offer advanced user training upon request. If you are interested in requesting a training day then please get in touch.

Can I use Trac to run reports?

Yes, a suite of customisable reports is included.


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