A Recruitment Process That Works Your Way

Our system uses the latest technology and is continually developed by our own dedicated development team in order to meet the needs and demands of our clients. As well as adapting to the ever changing requirements of the NHS and the DBS.

Reduce Process Time, Maximise Efficiency

We are proud of our system for not only reducing the cost of recruitment, but for making your recruitment process faster. Using Trac you will be able to save time and effort with our automated reminder emails, quickly re-advertise previous adverts and our bulk-email function.

Automate & Customise Your Workflow

Automating your time consuming processes is one of the many ways Trac can reduce your work load. You will be able to integrate such things as your own contracts with ease, which are then populated. Our system's customisable emails then manage your invites to interview, your requests for references and send timely remainders to speed up your recruitment process.

Improve Applicant Communications

Manage all the correspondence with your applicants in one place. With our comms service you can see all the emails and texts the applicants have sent or received. Allowing you to improve the candidate experience and make sure that any important information reaches them in a timely manner.

Enhance Your KPI Reporting

Easier and faster reporting. Generated straight from your records, set your own targets and evaluate at any stage of your recruitment. Break your reports down by division and improve your practice.

You can even use the pre-built reports that are readily available such as Equal Opportunities, Time to Recruit, Candidate Source etc.

Meet Care Quality Commission Standards

No need to spend time and money keeping up with CQC recruitment policies. Trac Systems ensures the recruitment process is fair and proper so that the only concern you have is finding the best employees possible.

Pre-Employment Checks System

Simplify your pre-employment checks. Improve your organisation and save time by having all checks and documents stored in one place. Help speed up the checks and get your new staff in their role faster thanks to automatic prompts sent out whenever an action is needed.

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